Online Keno Playing Guide

Keno is an easy to understand and exciting casino game to play. With this guide, you can start playing at top casinos. Read for more important information.

What Do You Need to Know Before Playing Keno?

Keno, like many other casino games, has some specific features that you should know before you start playing. This way, you won't be confused about the game.

Quick Pick Feature

Like lottery games, keno offers a quick pick feature. Here, the computer picks your numbers out for you. You can use this if you're feeling indecisive.

Keno Game Pay-table

Keno games, like slots, also come with pay-tables. It's essential to read through the pay-table of any keno game before you start placing your bet. The pay-table includes:

  • Payout percentage.
  • Betting range.
  • Jackpot prize.
  • Any other changes to the rules.

How Do You Play Keno Online?

Keno offers straightforward gameplay that is quite similar to that of lottery and bingo. This is probably why it is called the lottery on demand sometimes.

Keno is played with a card that contains numbers 1 to 80 arranged like a giant lottery ticket. The card takes up most of the screen when playing online.

Placing Your Bet

First, you place your bet based on the range offered by the keno. Keno games are different in terms of payouts and bet sizes, so you should consider this.

Choosing the Number

Next, choose the numbers you are betting up between 1 to 80. In most cases, you have to choose up to ten numbers and submit them. Always remember:

  • There are 80 numbers, but you can't choose all.
  • Some casinos allow you to choose 15 or 20 numbers.
  • The percentage of numbers you get right determines the payout.

The Casino Announces the Results

Keno is won according to how many numbers you got right among the ones announced by the casino. The more numbers you get, the higher your payout is.

How Can You Win Better at Online Keno?

A Random Number Generator powers online keno, so you never know if you will lose or win the round. An important tip is managing your bankroll.

Tips for Managing your Bankroll

Keno is all about the bets you make, and so to make a profit, you have to ensure that you are winning more than you lose at the game.

You can do this by having a gambling budget, making consistent bets, and ensuring that you don't bet too much when trying to make up for losses.

What Type of Keno Casino Should You Play At?

You will win more at online keno when you gamble at the right casino. The first thing to check in an online casino is if it's legal, licensed, and regulated.

Keno requires you to win more than you can lose, and you can do this with bonuses. Ensure an online casino offers many rewards you can pick from like:

  • No deposit bonus.
  • Welcome bonus.
  • Match bonus.
  • Loyalty bonus.
  • Reload bonus.

Keno can't be all you want to play, so check if the casino offers other games that you enjoy. You can also check the customer service and terms and conditions.

Why Should You Play Online Keno?

Keno is an enjoyable and entertaining game. The randomness of the game makes you feel excited when you wait for results and can be played at any time.

Keno also offers smooth gameplay, so if you're looking for something new and different to play, you should try it. You can learn it in a few minutes.

Keno is a fast-rising casino game with decent payouts. It offers the complete playing experience that you want to see at any casino game you play. Start playing today!